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Co Founders Christy and Freya with their families

What we do

At Parents You’ve Got This, we believe that every parent, soon-to-be parent or expecting couples should have the opportunity for a successful and rewarding parenthood: and it starts with good education.


We established Parents You’ve Got This (formally Mama You've Got This) in 2019. As parents ourselves, we shared the frustration that expert and consistent evidence-based parenting advice was difficult to come by.

Between us, we have seven children and like many other parents, we continuously seek expert advice to learn about each stage of our little one's development.

As the core of our organisation is built on education, we are proud to collaborate with 30+ of Australia’s best medical and parenting experts.


At Parents You’ve Got This, we offer virtual and in-person parenting classes ranging from preconception to primary school, many of which are free to attend and hosted weekly. With every class, you get to meet an expert and are given the opportunity to ask your personal questions and listen to advice from our experts.

We also host weekly expert interviews on our Podcast The Expert Guide to Parenthood which can be listened to whereever you get your podcasts from or watch on YouTube if you like the behind the scenes footage.


One of the highlights of our organisation is that you get to meet others in the same situation as you and become part of our ‘Virtual Village’ where you get to meet other parents.


Our program is written by the very best experts, is the first of its kind and gives parents a supportive network to draw on. From life with no kids to one, to two, to many!


Parents You’ve Got This!

In-person parenting education masterclass Melbourne
Virtual parenting education masterclass

Our service offerings 

Parenting Classes

The parenting classes are specifically designed to cover all the essential topics parents need for each stage of the early parenting years.


Classes are delivered weekly in a relaxed environment with demonstrations with real babies and lots of time for Q&A with our experts. As spots can fill up quickly, we encourage you to sign up and secure your spot for multiple events simultaneously.


The Masterclass program consists of 7 class modules, including:

-   Ready to Conceive

-   Pregnancy

-   Birth

-   Baby Basics

-   Starting Solids & Infant sleep

-   Toddler

-   Baby First Aid & Safety Basics.

The Expert Guide to Parenthood Podcast

Parenting can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. The Expert Guide to Parenthood podcast is designed to help you prepare for pregnancy, birth, baby and parenthood. Each week Christy Hopwood and Freya Owen interview leading experts who share the essential information you need to know for each stage of the parenting journey. 
With this podcast you’ll feel you’ve got this parenting gig.

Expert Guide Handbook 

There wasn’t a guide to Parenthood so we created an easy digestible expert handbook with our team of experts to give you all the essential information you need for each age and stage of your baby's development.

Our quick guides cut the noise and dive straight into what you need to know, should know and expert advice. Imagine hundreds of hours of research put into a concise PDF handbook spanning over a few pages.

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