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Expert Directory: Find your baby, parenting, health & medical expert here 

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Explore our health and medical expert directory for all the support you need from conception to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. To find the expert you need click on the most relevant category below.

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Nat Brass and Sarah Hughes
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Dr Christiane Kehoe
Kate Pollard

Cofounders - Parent Experts

As a parent it’s hard to know where to go and who to trust - don’t worry we have scoured Australia for the very best experts to guide and support you on your journey to provide you with evidence-based companionate care. One place for all your expert advice, education and care. 

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Mum of one girl and three boys, Christy has experience with low weight baby, premmie baby, colicky baby, tongue tie baby, sleep issues, nightmares and night terrors, pumping and supply line feeding, breastfeeding and mastitis, low tone baby, starting solids, feeding issues, late talking toddler, pelvic floor, vaginal and c-section births, induced labour.




Mum of three boys, Freya has experience with reflux baby, reflux toddler, breastfeeding and mastitis, low weight baby, toddler seizures, sleep issues, starting solids, feeding issues, late toddler talking, fussy toddlers, nightmares and night terrors, childhood asthma, vaginal birth and induced labour.

*Please note Experts presenting at Masterclasses may change but the content is written by the Experts profiled here.

Become one of them

In 2019, we started Australia’s first multidisciplinary experts directory. Since then, we have served tens of thousands of Australians with high level care and education. One place for all of your parenting needs. We continuing our quest to grow our panel of Experts to provide you one place for all of your expert advice, and if you are one of them (or have someone to recommend), we’d love to hear from you. 

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