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10 Top Tips for Surviving Lockdown

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Mamas we feel for you! Lockdown is SO tough!! We know that the ‘novelty’ factor wore off long ago and we want to help. We are so sorry you have to go through this and we want you to know it's OK if you feel like you have lost your mojo or mourn for everything you have lost. From two Mamas who spent a LOT of time in lockdown homeschooling our little ones and trying to work from home, we want to share our top tips with you to help you survive.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for surviving lockdown.

1 - Accept the fact that this is out of your control and take the lockdown day-by-day. It won't help you to worry about how long this may go for - in fact it will just get you more upset. It helped us to accept the fact that we were in lockdown and to try and make the most of each day.

2 - Be kind to yourself. It’s OK to be mad, cross and hurt that you have to be in lockdown. Motherhood was not supposed to be done alone (and for the Mamas that are homeschooling, you were not supposed to be your kids' teacher and juggle work). It is not fair that you have to miss out on so many moments you won't get back or miss opportunities sharing your bump/ baby with the world due to restrictions (allow yourself to have these feelings, acknowledge them and then try to let them go).

3 - Get outside every day to exercise. There is nothing like fresh air, sunshine and the feeling of wind in your hair to help the endorphins start pumping and give you a sense of calm.

4 - It helps to try and set some sort of routine with something to look forward to each day. Ie. a walk, a take away coffee, a yummy chocolate. Getting all the school work done so you can go for a scooter ride with the kids in the afternoon. Or finish your work day and snuggle your partner on the couch.

5 - If you are both working parents try to take shifts so you can concentrate on your work and divide and conquer with the kids.

6 - Try to connect with another Mama in the same situation as you. Call them, zoom them so you can both vent about how hard this is and help each other with some ideas on how to fill up your day.

7 - Change the dialogue in your mind from “I have to” to “I get to”. For example, “I have to work from home” to “I get to work from home”. Sometimes a little change of perspective will help give you a sense of control. Do your best to try and look for the silver lining ie. you don't need to battle the traffic to get to work.

8 - Ask all your friends what the best TV series is so you can binge watch your favourite shows once the little ones are in bed.

9 - Buy yourself a nice ‘lockdown outfit’ so you can be comfy and feel good about yourself. You always feel much better when you have a shower and wash your hair.

10 - Make cubbies with the kids and let them wear their PJs all day if they want, use this time to get extra cuddles and connection which you may not have normally been able to have. You may need their cuddle more than they do. It’s OK to cry Mama. Lockdown sucks and crying helps release those stress hormones.

We are not going to lie Mamas, Lockdown is so tough!! If you can use this time to get to the chores around your house that you haven't had time to do, make that baby album you have been meaning to make or try establishing that sleep routine. If your child has to have a little more screen time then normal that’s OK because being stuck inside for weeks on end isn't ‘normal’ and you just have to do what you need to do to get through. Make sure you check in on your Mama friends and tell someone else how you are travelling.

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So sorry you have to ensure this Mamas, we know you can do it.

You have got this.

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