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December 2, 2019

Supporting you in your greatest role yet


Meet Freya and Christy, two Mamas with a big dream to help fellow Mamas navigate the life changing experience of becoming a Mum.

Parenting is tough. It’s a full time job. There are no holidays or weekends or sick days. It is beautiful but relentless and up until now there has been no way to prepare for the monumental changes of motherhood – of identity, role, responsibility and routine.

It was for this reason Melbourne’s newest Mama Entrepreneurs, Christy (Mama of 4) and Freya (Mama of 3) founded Mama You’ve Got This, the first course program designed to teach Mamas and Dadas how to look after their baby and themselves as a new parents, and to guide and support them through the early years of parenthood. 

Christy and Freya are determined to have honest conversations about what motherhood is really all about and to allow new parents a space where they can meet, their babies can play and they can receive expert advice. 


Christy and Freya have assembled a team of 12 Experts – the best in the business – to present on essential topics from Pregnancy to Toddlerhood. Experts include an Obstetrician, Midwife, Dietitian, Mama Psychologist, GP, Lactation Consultant, Women’s Physio, Sleep Expert, Toddler Behaviour and Emotion Coach, Mindfulness Expert, Return to Work Expert and Toilet Training Expert. 2020 classes will commence with Masterclasses for Pregnancy, Baby Basics, Infant Essentials and Toddlers, with Super Events on specialist topics to follow throughout the year. All classes are designed to empower parents by giving them all the tools and essential advice they need to care for their little one and are facilitated by Freya and Christy, who are on hand to help out with babies and share their own experiences.

Freya and Christy hold their classes in a beautiful space in the heart of Albert Park. Mama You’ve Got This is a one-stop destination for Mamas. From life with no kids, to one, to two, to many, Mama You’ve Got This!

Mama You’ve Got This classes start in February 2020.  

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Mama you've got this

Christy Hopwood