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Baby starting soild food | Parents You've Got This

Starting Solids & Introducing Allergens:
Supporting you through this exciting stage!

Our Dietitian expert provides insight into the optimal timing and techniques for introducing solids to your baby, including the introduction of allergens.

Learn about starting solids and introducing allergens: About this class

Just as you've found your groove, it’s time for your baby to enter a new phase; Infanthood. This FREE parental education infant masterclass runs with an expert presentations from our Dietitian expert. You will learn how to introduce solid foods to your baby including when to start, what equipment you need and what approach to follow, and you can have your questions answered live.

Review for parent education class

'We found yesterday's masterclass was the most educational and actually useful session we've had. We wish we had found you earlier. Thanks heaps!'  

Dennis & Adelyn

Masterclass attendees

Our Starting Solids & Introducing Allergens Masterclass will cover

+ How to start solids⠀
+ Baby readiness signs⠀
+ Texture progression⠀
+ Baby led weaning⠀
+ Introducing allergens⠀
+ Equipment, preparation, storage⠀

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Upcoming Masterclass

Upcoming masterclasses

  • Starting Solids and Introducing Allergens
    Starting Solids and Introducing Allergens
    Mon, Apr 29
    @parentsyouvegotthis_au Insta Live
    Apr 29, 2024, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
    @parentsyouvegotthis_au Insta Live
    Apr 29, 2024, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
    @parentsyouvegotthis_au Insta Live
    Is your little one ready to start solids? This 1-hour Masterclass covers when and how to introduce solids, including allergens. Have your questions answered by our leading Experts. Free over Instagram live.

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Introducing solids and allergens

Our Starting Solids and Introducing Allergens Masterclass is tailored for individuals or couples wanting to understand the best approach to starting solid foods and the safe introduction of allergens. Our Paediatric Dietitian expert will guide you through this exciting stage of infanthood.

Meet the expert

  • Who should attend the preconception and planning for pregnancy class?
    The Ready To Conceive masterclass is designed for couples or individuals thinking about starting their family and those who have been trying for a while but have not yet been successful. The masterclass covers a range of topics including boosting fertility, understanding menstrual cycles, identifying ovulation, and the role of nutrition and lifestyle factors in conception.
  • How much does the preconception class cost?
    The Ready To Conceive masterclass is completely free of charge. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality information and resources when it comes to fertility and conception.
  • How often is the Ready to Conceive Masterclass held?
    Our Ready To Conceive masterclass is held regularly, with new classes conducted via Instagram Live every 4-6 weeks. To find out the exact timing of our upcoming classes, please refer to our schedule above.
  • Why should I attend your pregnancy preparation class?
    The Parents You've Got This Ready To Conceive Masterclass provides valuable evidence-based information from leading experts to guide individuals or couples who are considering starting a family. You'll gain a thorough understanding of: - Physical and emotional aspects of preparing for pregnancy - The factors that impact fertility, such as age, lifestyle and underlying medical conditions - Your menstrual cycle and the best time to try and conceive. - Expert advice about what to do if you need fertility support As well as the opportunity to connect with a community of others who are also preparing to conceive.
  • Who are the fertility experts teaching this class?
    During the Ready To Conceive masterclass you will learn from our Fertility and IVF Expert, our Paediatric and Maternal Dietitian Expert and our Mindfulness Expert. Our Paediatric and Maternal Dietitian Lynsey Bramley will talk you through the optimal fertility diet and prenatal vitamins to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to conceive. Our Fertility and IVF experts, Dr Raelia Lew & Dr Rachael Knight will talk about factors which impact your fertility or help to boost your fertility, the best time to conceive, different options if you are not conceiving as quickly as you had hoped.
  • How do I watch a masterclass on Instagram Live?
    To view our Instagram Live Masterclasses, sign in to your personal Instagram account and follow @parentsyouvegotthis_au. At the time of the Live, from your home screen you will see the Parents You've Got This logo illuminated in the screen's top left. Tap it to join the live. We try our best to record and save our Instagram Live Masterclasses on our social media platforms, so they can be watched back or at a later date.
  • I have lots of questions! When can I ask them?
    We encourage questions in the sign up process for each Masterclass, and each speaker will address questions throughout each class. Our Experts are here to support you so come equipped with questions and have them answered live.

"The Infant Masterclass not only gave me important tips and advice but made me feel reassured. I’m a first time mum and was feeling very overwhelmed. The network you have created along with your guides and experts have been invaluable. A massive support."

- Talia

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