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Preparing for Labour - What to Pack in Your Birth Bag

Everyone talks about what to pack in your hospital bag, but what do you pack in your labour birth bag? Yes, we suggest you pack two bags. A bag for your hospital stay and a bag to help make your labour the positive experience you envision.

Please find below the Parents You've Got This Ultimate Birth Bag checklist. To learn all about Birth and practical birth techniques, book into our fun, comprehensive and positive Birth Masterclass or for key points to note, download our Expert Guide.

Equipment to create your birth sanctuary

  • An essential oil burner / electric diffuser ⠀

  • Some fairy lights to transform your birthing room⠀

  • Some electric tea lights to create a birth sanctuary⠀

  • Birth ball (if your hospital doesn't have one)⠀

  • Music - playlist for birth / guided meditation

Of course, add in anything special to you which makes you feel more at ease (photos of your pets, family, photos of your favourite places)

Expert tip from our Positive Birth and Midwife Expert Narelle Tsiros – dim the lights when you first enter your hospital suite to help make it feel cozy.

Items to help with Labour Pains

  • An essential oil burner / electric defuser ⠀

  • Massage oils to relieve back pain from labour and that smell gorgeous

  • Heat and cold packs ⠀

  • Birth mantra - every contraction is one step closer to meeting my baby⠀

  • Spritz bottle (to spray your face)⠀

  • Tens machine (you can hire this)

Mama Must haves

  • Birth Plan (preference list)

  • Comfortable birthing outfit (nightie is a good idea)

  • Snacks to help you get through labour ⠀

  • Medicare card/health insurance card⠀

  • Hospital admissions file ⠀

  • Birth preferences list ⠀

  • Pregnancy history (ask your care provider to print this in the last few weeks of care)

  • Post-birth outfit (comfortable high wasted underwear, maternity pad, loose high-wasted soft pants, loose t-shirt, maternity bra, cardigan and slippers).

  • Water bottle

For the Birth Support Person

  • Spare t-shirt and pants (birth can be messy)

  • Closed shoes (Most hospitals have a closed shoe policy)

  • Phone (for photos) or camera and to help time contractions

  • Phone charger (in case it is a long labour)⠀

  • Some of your favourite snacks

  • A jumper (hospitals can be cold)

  • A phone list of people you want to share your big news with

  • Water bottle

  • Drivers license

  • Money for the car parking meter

  • Panadol

Expert Tip: Make sure you have the birth suite and your care provider's details saved on your phone. Rember to have the car refilled in the last few weeks before the baby is born and to have the baby capsule /car seat professionally fitted and ready to go.

Baby Must Haves

Your baby's first outfit to hand to the midwives to dress your baby in when they first arrive.

  • 1 x Baby singlet

  • 1 x Baby jumpsuit

  • 1 x Baby beanie

  • 1 x Set of baby booties

  • 1 x Set of baby mittens (so they don't scratch their face)

  • 1 x Pair of baby socks

  • Nappy & packet of wipes for baby's first poo (some hospitals supply - check with your hospital)

  • 1 x Swaddle (bigger the better)

  • Baby blanket (your hospital generally gives you one for your stay, which you will need to return when you check out)

Don't forget the MOST important thing to pack in a Labour/ Birth bag is knowledge to make informed decisions, trust in your body, inner confidence & strength and a loving support person, love and smiles.⠀

Heading into hospital is an exciting time, it means you are about to meet your baby :) We suggest you pack around 36 weeks. ⠀

Print this list so you can ticket off everything you need to bring to the hospital and don't forget to check out the Parents You've Got This Ultimate Hospital Bag checklist too.

Birth bag packing list to download
Download PDF • 160KB

Hospital bag packing list to download
Download PDF • 159KB

Get excited it is nearly time to meet your precious baby and have the positive birth you have prepared for.

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