February 2, 2021

Meditation Top Tips

When you drop the expectation to perform the magic happens

In meditation the less effort, the better. This is contrary to how many of us were raised, with the belief that you need to ‘work hard’ to achieve results. The key is to let this go in meditation. Just have a gentle intention that when you sit to meditate that it is out of your hands now, and you give over to a greater power.

Understand that thoughts are stress releases

Maybe you experience thoughts as visualisations or pictures, maybe they come in the form of words, a voice in your head during meditation. Know that you are still actually meditating even if thoughts are occurring.


Permission to go with what ever is happening

Allow what is coming up to come up. As hard as this may feel at times. If it is anxiety, try going with it, feel it. Experience it. Be curious.

If anxiety is arising in meditation ask some questions:
- Do I feel anxious in my gut, my head, where am I feeling it?
- What does it feel like? Tightness?
- Am I experiencing images, sounds or sensations, what is occurring right now?

Be kind

Be kind to yourself. Support and encourage yourself when it comes to your meditation practice.


No meditation is a ‘bad’ meditation.


Mama You've Got This

Nikki Morris Mindfulness Expert