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March 15, 2020

Let's Unite as a Village


We need a Village more than ever.


It’s at times like these that the world calls for us to stop and to start to think about what really matters. To pause and take stock about how we are living our life. To think about how we support and protect our children, our relatives, our friends and our community. To think about how we can support those people down the road, around the corner, or in our wider community. To work out how we can offer unconditional help that will truly make a difference.


There are many uncertainties. We don’t know what will close when, or when things will return to normal. But we do know that now is the time to rebuild the Village.


As part of a Village, we:

- Connect. We call, email, write and check in with those we love.

- Buy only what we need. Many people can’t buy a month’s worth of food, just in case. When they need it, they need to be able to access it.

- Help. If our family, friends and neighbours need help, we are ready to give it. Dropping off supplies, making a meal, picking up the phone.

- Stay strong. As Parents, we need to be the safe place for our children, who pick up on all our emotions, regardless of whether they are old enough to know the cause of them. 

- Follow the Government’s health guidelines to keep the vulnerable members of our Village safe.

- Keep ourselves isolated, if we are recommended to do so. We can use this time to rest and connect with our families.


To the Mamas in our Village 

Whether you are about to have your baby, have just given birth, are Mama to an infant, toddler, or child. We send you a gigantic virtual hug. It is normal to feel worried about your and your baby's health and the state of the world; but your baby is a reminder to us all about the joy and love the world holds for all of us.  


Our Village is a community that is here to support, guide and empower parents through the good times and the bad. Let’s make sure we continue to connect (even if that means virtually at this time). Let’s continue to share beautiful photos of the babies and toddlers in our Village, to continue to bring joy to our days and support each other through this time.


Please stay tuned for Experts articles, tips and advice and our online program coming soon. If you have any questions for our Experts please email us as we are here to guide and to support you on your journey.


Gigantic hugs x

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Mama You've Got This

Christy Hopwood and Freya Owen